Macau Light Railway –
Extension Line to Hengqin

Phase I of the Macau LRT will connect the Taipa island including the Cotai Ferry Terminal, the Lotus Border and the Macau International Airport. The route is expected to put into service in 2019.

The Hengqin Extension line is also included in the Macau LRT planning. The route will have three stations with a total length of 1828m: Lotus Border Station, Lotus Bridge Station, and Hengqin Station. Passengers can get through the immigration control at the Hengqin Station, and can also transfer to the Guangzhou–Zhuhai Intercity Railway to continue the journey to Gongbei and GZ.

iCity is just minutes away from the Hengqin Station, and passengers can easily travel between Guangdong and Macau by getting through the immigration control at the Hengqin station.