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The Developer

The Developer

iCity, One of the First Seven Approved Projects

In April 2014, iCity was one of the 33 projects recommended by the Macau Government selected from the 89 projects presented by the Hengqin Guangdong-Macau Co-operation Industrial Park. In July of the same year, iCity was one of the seven projects approved by the Hengqin New Area Management Committee.

Profiles of the Developers and the Project Team

T6 is situated in the iCity, which occupies a total area of about 56,000 square meters and has a floor area of about 130,000 square meters. Under the framework of the cooperation agreement among Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, iCity is located in the cultural & creativity area with the theme of creating contemporary SOHO neighborhood and lifestyle for young and professionals.

iCity is a Hong Kong and Macau joint venture Limited. The major partners are BWC Financial Group (China) Limited from HK and Chuang Neng International Investment Co., Ltd from Macau.

BWC Financial Group (China) Limited

Members of the Cheng’s family of Hong Kong Chow Tai Fook are BWC’s strategic shareholders. The core business of BWC includes real estate development and financial education & training. In addition to the achievement in the real estate development sector, BWC is also the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise approved by the government bureau in Guangdong to engage in delivering education services related to financial training, education, and culture.

Chuang Neng International Investment Co. Limited

Mr. Lao Yiliang is a well-known entrepreneur in Macau and has been the representative of the National People's Congress of the Macau SAR since 2000. Mr. Lao’s Chuang Neng International Investment Co., Ltd. is affiliated with Macau Venture Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. The Group focuses on development projects in Macau and Mainland China. The Group's core business covers real estate development, management, construction, and sales planning.

T6 Business Opportunities and Promotion
Hengqin Guo Hao Investment Ltd.

Architectural, Building, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Designs
LWK & Partners

Building Surveying
Rider Levett Bucknall

Landscape Design

Transport Planning Consultant

Property Management Consultant